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    Passive Income Primer

    Passive Income is one of those things everyone's heard of, few people really understand and even fewer people earn!

    The purpose of this Primer is to show you exactly what Passive Income is, the most common ways that people earn it and how the Digital Revolution has made it possible for anyone with internet access to work less while earning more, which is the main benefit of a Passive Income.

    This Primer is for you if you don't already love your job/career and if you long for the kind of financial security and freedom that would enable you to do one of the following...

    • Go part time
    • Go Freelance
    • Get better qualified or retrain so you can change career
    • Fund your Passion Project or Start up
    • Travel the world
    • Follow your calling to do voluntary, vocational, charity or activist work
    • Pursue your artistic dreams
    • Or simply spending more quality time with your family and loved ones













    A Little Bit About Me


    Chris Paradox: Ikigai Coach

    I haven't had a "day job" since 2001 when I gave up my career in Advertising to live my Ikigai Life (more on that in a bit). So I've used a Passive Income to fund my lifestyle for over 16 years.

    You can check out my TED Talk if you'd like to hear the full story.

    I made my first Passive Income back in 2002 and that enabled me to transition from a career I had come to loathe (Ad Agency Director) to doing meaningful, fulfilling work that I love (Performance Poet, Inspiration Engineer & Ikigai Coach).

    As an Ikigai Coach I inform, inspire and empower my clients to do the same thing.

    Ikigai is a Japanese word which translates to that which you love; that which you're good at; that for which you can be paid and that which the world needs.

    For most of my clients the biggest challenge they face is the "that for which you can be paid" part.

    Very often the thing we love and are good at doesn't pay very well, unless you happen to be one of the best in the world at it (e.g. Footballer, Singer Songwriter, Author)

    So over the years I've had to research, learn and implement dozens of different means of making a Passive Income that would allow my clients to pay their mortgage, while they developed personally and professionally in order to pursue their dream careers or start their own business.

    As most of my clients didn't have large amounts of Capital and didn't wish to take on huge Debts needed to make a Passive Income in the traditional way (more on that later), we focused on the various methods of making a passive income online.

    Of course that meant that I had to identify the dozens of "make money online" scams and pyramid schemes that seem to be all over the internet. Because  I couldn't afford to recommend anything to my clients, that wasn't 100% safe, ethical and effective.

    “Chris is a rare human being. In our 1-1 sessions, he is challenging, honest, compassionate and full of wisdom.

    Since receiving the 1-1 coaching from him I have received funding to develop an app, I have got real clarity on my goals, and I have expanded the number of private clients I work with.

    Chris is infinitely generous, and it is incredibly reassuring to know that a human being with wisdom and heart is available to support me.

    Louis Weinstock - Psychotherapist & Mindfulness App Developer www.louisweinstock.com/

    During my first coaching session Chris asked some deceptively simple questions and I realised to my horror just how much magic , meaning and fulfillment had disappeared from my life. I knew I had to join the Ikigai Mastermind Group to get support in living my Ikigai Life.

    Three months’ later, I find myself in a dream job, doing what I love, getting great feedback from clients and being rewarded financially.

    You can trust Chris 110%. He is positive, authentic and inspirational. His techniques and practices are powerful and transformative, and they work! Thank you Chris, I couldn't have done it without you"

    Bea Martin - Sound Healer & Sacred Sites Tour Guide @ BardsofAvalon.com

    I've included some more Client Testimonials at the end of the Primer because I want you to know that not only have I been making a passive income for over 15 years myself, but I've also helped other people just like you, to do the same.

    OK, enough about me! Now we're going to get back to talking about your financial freedom and how making a passive income is the key to that.

    We're going to start by revealing The Single Biggest Mistake you're currently making, that makes financial freedom impossible for you.














    Your Single Biggest Mistake

    The Single Biggest Mistake You're Making
    is trading your time for money.

    To be fair, you're not alone in doing this, I did it till I was 35!

    Chances are almost everyone you know earns their living by trading their time for money.

    This is no surprise, because from the time we're old enough to go to school we're taught that the purpose of an education is to "get a good job", as if having a job (being employed) or owning a job (being self employed) is the only way to make a living!

    As far as school is concerned...no other way of making a living is even mentioned.

    And so almost all of us spend our lives making the worst financial trade possible.

    The real tragedy is that this "educated ignorance" leads to the "Top 2 Regrets of the Dying"

    But there is another way!

    It's called earning a Passive Income.

    What exactly is a Passive Income?

    Well your current job provides you with an Active Income, where in exchange for your 30-60 hours/week of labour at your job you receive a salary.

    If you lose your job, or if you can't work due to illness/ incapacity, you lose your only source of income.

    Relying solely on your Active Income leads to both financial insecurity and a lack of freedom, because you can lose your income through no fault of your own...but nevertheless you are forced to trade 30-60 hours/week of your precious time each and every a week in order to keep receiving that income.

    With a Passive Income you work for a period of time (a day, week, month, or year) and that one-time-work produces a recurring income that pays you every week, in perpetuity.

    So if you are ill or incapacitated or decide to go travelling for a year, you continue to receive an income and your bills continue to be paid.

    A Passive Income therefore provides you with both financial security and financial freedom.

    Some common examples of this are...

    • An Author who writes a bestselling book
    • A songwriter who writes a hit song
    • A landlord who rents out their properties
    • A programmer who creates an App

    This TED talk explains how a student with no money, experience, technical or sales skills, abandoned the traditional path of trading his time for money and instead created a Passive Income for himself, so he could fulfill his dreams of travelling the world and doing volunteer work in an orphanage.





















    The one thing that all types of Passive Income have in common, is that they result from owning an Asset.

    • A house that you rent out is an Asset.
    • A hit song is an Asset.
    • A Bestselling Book is an Asset.
    • An App or piece of Software is an Asset.
    • A Vending Machine is an Asset.

    The key to creating a Passive Income that provides you with the financial security and freedom to live a life you won't regret...a life that is true for you...is investing either your time, your money (or both) in acquiring Assets.

    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is the No 1 Personal Finance book of all time.

    In it he describes the difference between the rich...those that are financially secure and financially free...and the rest of us.

    Simply put: the rich invest both their time and money in buying or creating Assets i.e. things that put money in your pocket (passive income)

    The rest of us invest our time in earning a salary (active income) and spend our money on Liabilities i.e. things that take money out of your pocket.

    The Income statement on the left represents the typical approach of relying on your Active Income (trading your time for money) to meet your monthly outgoings.

    The income statement on the right represents a Passive Income and the financial security and freedom enjoyed by the rich.

    There are three type of Assets that people have traditionally used to make a passive income offline...

    1. Property: specifically "buy to let" which provides a passive income through rent
    2. Investments: specifically "stocks and shares" which provide a passive income through dividends or buy low, sell high trading profits
    3. A Business System: specifically an automated business (such as Vending Machines) or a proven business model you that hire people to run for you (such as a Franchise) 

    Most people don't have the kind of money, or can't/won't take on the risk of borrowing the money needed to invest in Property, make a living from the Stock Market or to purchase a Subway Franchise.

    Fortunately there is an alternative type of Asset which is capable of producing just as much passive income as the above methods, but unlike those traditional Assets, can be acquired for free.















    The Digital Asset

    Every minute $2.4 million is spent online.

    A website, blog or App is a piece of Digital Real Estate or a Digital Property that can generate revenue from this massive and rapidly growing Digital Economy.

    In other words a Website, blog or App is a Digital Asset, just like a house or physical property.

    And just like a house, a Digital Asset can earn you a Passive Income when you rent it out.

    The big difference is that many Digital Assets can be acquired for FREE!
    The Digital Asset

    Affiliate Blogs: The Online Vending Machines

    Affiliate Blogs are the simplest, easiest, fastest and least expensive type of Digital Asset to earn a passive income from, because they work just like vending machines.

    Imagine if someone gave you a Vending Machine for free and let you place it in Kings Cross International Train station. This is the equivalent of setting up a Google friendly Affiliate Blog.

    What do I mean?

    Well a Vending Machine offers people what they already want to buy, without the need to hire any staff or sales people. All you need is lots of potential customers (or traffic) and you can simply collect your money at the end of each day. Your only risk is the cost of the stock you need to fill it.

    That's exactly how an Affiliate Blog works, except there is no risk whatsoever, because even the stock is free!

    The "stock" of an Affiliate Blog is any of the thousands of products sold of Amazon, or any online retailer.

    An typical Affiliate Blog provides Reviews of popular products and Amazon (and thousands of other online retailers) will pay you a commission every time a customer clicks on one of your Reviews and purchases that product.

    You don't have to do anything except put product reviews on your blog.

    • Amazon fulfills the order
    • Amazon handles the customer service
    • Amazon transfers the commission directly into your Bank Account.

    The short video below explains the process.
    (NB: Instagram & Fiverr are not strictly speaking Passive Income sources, because they require significant ongoing effort to generate a recurring income)

    Profit From Your Passion

    Your Affiliate Blog is basically a blog where you Review products and services that you've used and rate highly. By focusing on the things you're passionate about, writing reviews becomes something you enjoy doing rather than a chore and so it doesn't even feel like work.

    Plus you're much more likely to stay motivated to add new reviews to your site, when hot new products are released.

    For example if you're passionate about Health & Fitness, you can review the gym clothing, sports equipment, protein shakes etc. that you have bought and used.

    Location. Location. Location.

    Just like a Vending Machine, the key to a profitable Affiliate Blog is making sure it's in the best location to seen by lots of potential customers (traffic).

    You can of course advertise online to drive targeted traffic to you blog, but this is expensive. The best kind of traffic comes from people searching for product reviews on Google.

    Not only is this the most targeted and relevant traffic possible, but traffic from Google is free.

    If you can get your product reviews on the first page of Google, it's like having your Vending Machine in Kings Cross Station. You have thousands of people visiting your blog every month for free and you have commission checks paid into your account while you sleep.

    So the $64,000 question is...

    "How do I get my product reviews on the first page of Google"

    And the million dollar answer is...

    "You take a course taught by experts who've been getting on the first page of Google for over a decade and can show you how to do the same."

























    Become A Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate is the No 1 Online Learning Platform for Affiliate Blogging.

    Last year alone they helped 217,530 people to set up their Affiliate Blog, get on the first page of Google and create an Online Vending Machine that gives them the financial security and freedom of a recurring passive income.

    They've been around for over 10 years now and have taught over 1,000,000 people how to create a passive income online. But what makes them unique is that they use a social media style platform which allows their 800,000 students to post questions and share (success) stories and advice with each other.

    This means that you never feel like you're going it alone and you're never more than a click away from expert advice or the support of your peers.

    If you'd like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate  CLICK HERE.



















































    In Conclusion

    To summarize, an Affiliate Blog is a Digital Asset which works like an Online Vending Machine.

    An Affiliate Blog offers a low cost, low risk, user friendly, opportunity to acquire a passive income producing Digital Asset.

    The key to monetizing your Digital Asset is training. Specifically training on getting Free Traffic via a First Page Ranking on Google.

    Mission Statement

    I believe that the 9 to 5 daily grind is the biggest thing preventing our evolution as a species.

    By forcing both Mums and Dads out of the home and off to work just to keep roof over their heads and food on the table, the 9 to 5 daily grind has eroded the basic social structures of family and community that human life and evolution are built on.

    I also believe that the widespread anxiety, ennui, misery and resentment caused by the Rat Race lifestyle is a big part of the reason that we treat ourselves, each other and the planet so atrociously.

    "The trouble with the Rat Race is that even if you win, you're still a rat."
    Lily Tomlin

    Billions of people spending most of their time and energy doing jobs they don't enjoy, means that the incredible gifts of human energy, creativity and innovation are being channeled into enriching a tiny fraction of the population and are being diverted away from serving the growth and benefit of Humanity and the planet as a whole.

    So I created this Passive Income Primer because I'm on a mission.

    I'm on a mission to inform, inspire and empower as many people as I can, to say "goodbye" to the daily grind and live more adventurous, meaningful and fulfilling Ikigai lives.

    Lives that really "make a dent in the Universe" and contribute to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

    Earning a Passive Income has allowed me and my clients to live that kind of life...and I truly believe it can do the same for you.

    With a Passive Income you have the financial security and freedom to study, train or qualify to do the kind of engaging, meaningful and fulfilling work the world needs...

    ...or to quit work altogether to spend quality time with your family, community and loved ones...which the world needs just as much.

    Thanks to the Digital Revolution it's never been easier to work less and earn more and escape the daily grind of the rat race.

    So there's no longer any excuse for living a life you'll end up regretting, simply because you worked too hard and didn't take the opportunity to follow your dreams.

    Especially since Wealthy Affiliate are currently giving away 2 beautifully designed Digital Assets in addition to an video tutorial course which will show you exactly how to turn them into fully functioning Online Vending Machines.

    This incredible offer is available now and it won't last forever, so here's what to do to secure your Digital Assets for FREE today...

    1. Click the button below
    2. Open a Free Starter Account (your credit card is not required, so there's absolutely no risk) and get your Free Digital Assets
    3. Watch the Introductory Video Tutorials and discover how to turn your Free Digital Assets into passive income generating Online Vending Machines.
    Yes! Give Me My FREE Digital Asset

    Not sure?

    If you're still unsure about whether this is one of those "make money online" scams that seem to be all over the internet, get in touch with me via my facebook page...or you can email me at chris@goodbyedailygrind.com.

    I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over two years now and I've recommended it to some of my best clients, so I know it does "exactly what it says on the tin" and it's definitely not a scam.

    But you can never be too careful online, so please get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns about Wealthy Affiliate or with anything on this page. I value my reputation, so your feedback about anything that seems "bogus" is really helpful. Thanks.

    More Success Stories












    Alexandra Sawyer - Founder: Freedom Focus Coaching & Singer Songwriter @ Mee & The Band

    “Living in an isolated rural home, raising 3 children with my husband.  While being a business owner, it doesn’t leave me much time to get out and meet people or grow my social network.  Being a business owner, you are the one always contacting other people for their services to grow your business, which can feel like you are pushing alone and that no one values you so much that they would miss you if you stopped pushing.  Or certainly, that is how I felt.  

    My kids and husband are so focused on their own careers social life and schooling, they have no time to mentor me, or give me daily motivational inspirational pep talks, or be very interest in my work. I so longed for that community feeling, where I was a part of something that benefited me, while being valued for my service to others.

    Then I joined Chris Paradox’s Ikigai Mastermind group and every thing fell into place. Within the first 1 to 1 and group online hangout, I was given very valuable homework which I devoured.  It directly impacted my business outlook, giving me a strong sense of direction, clearer knowing of who I am and what I have to offer.  

    In the space of a few months I have felt completely fulfilled in my business, with a vast increase in my client basis and mentor support circles, all because of the dedication that Chris Paradox commits to making this hub effervesce. A truly inspirational leader who leads as if he’s following, does all his own homework and asks the group to hold him accountable, making him an equal.  

    Thank you Chris.”


    Ryan Omamori - Founder of Bitcoin Daddy @ BitcoinDaddy.info

    “I was inspired by Chris Paradox when I first met him in the early 2000s, but since I started working with his Ikigai Mastermind program, I’ve felt a whole new level of inspiration, have been supported by a fantastic group of like-minded companions, and consequently my life has been moving forward in ways that I’ve been hoping for and visualising but not quite achieving for years.

    The particular flavour of inspiration that Chris brings is one that fits perfectly with my own deep seated desires for my time on this planet, and which I’m sure will be shared by many: I don’t want to fall blindly into society-endorsed roles, or allow fear of failure to stop me from being the most creative and successful version of me that is possible. I want to work to find my most valuable assets and share them with the world to create a brighter future. We all have the potential to shine and give our best, but sometimes we need a little help along the way, from friends and mentors – people who share our vision, or have been on the journey and learned the pitfalls and shortcuts.

    To inspire by example and gentle but determined persuasion towards a life lived embodying your most optimistic desires for yourself is a true and rare skill that I’ve seen grow in Chris over the time I’ve known him. When I heard about the group he was setting up, I didn’t hesitate in signing up. I felt ready to embrace the challenges and adventures of revealing my true self and honoring my creativity with purposeful action, and I trusted Chris to be the best possible facilitator, having seen his own fruition into a successful and much loved stand-up poet, host, MC, and Inspiration Engineer.

    I now feel well on the way to overcoming my time management problems, my assertiveness issues and a whole host of other things that have been niggling away at me in the background of my subconscious. A large part of this is due to the support of the group as a whole, and has also definitely been hastened through blockages by the assignments and practices that we’ve been given. I can’t recommend this process highly enough, so I’ll just say: Try it, with an open mind, and be prepared to be surprised at where you can go if you just believe, and breathe.”


    Yes! Give Me My FREE Digital Asset