Earn Money Working Home, Coffee Shop or Beach Based

You know the opening scene of Raiders of The Lost Ark? The one with all the booby traps, blow darts and the mother of all boulders? Well, learning how to earn money working home based is like that! Of course once you know how to earn money working home based, you can earn money with your laptop or smartphone anywhere in the world. Earn money working home

But first you need to recognise and avoid the booby traps that ensnare so many people and make them give up their dream of the 4-hour work week and saying goodbye daily grind.

There are 4 main boobytraps that you risk getting skewered by…

  1. Scams
  2. Expensive Guru Upsells
  3. Dangerously Outdated Information & Training
  4. A Lack of Support and Community

I cover exactly how to avoid Scams and Expensive Gurus Upsells in my List Online Scams How to earn money online for a post, but, unfortunately, outdated information and training is notoriously hard to spot.

The only way to avoid wasting money and getting taken down dead ends by bad information, is by getting your information from sources that are being consistently and clearly updated by people who are actively involved in earning a passive income online.

If you are fortunate enough to avoid all the Scams and Expensive “Guru” Upsells, as well as to find an up to date source of information and training, then you face the mother of all booby traps, the great boulder of death itself… a lack of support and community.

Earn Money Working Home Based

Let’s face it, it’s virtually impossible to learn a new skill, without expert help.

Know anyone who learned to drive without a driving instructor?

It’s also extremely difficult to stick to any process of change without an accountability buddy, to make sure you continue to do, what you say you need to do, to get to where you say you want to go. (It’s why Alcoholics Anonymous and Weightwatchers and personal training work when nothing else does).

If you doubt this, count up how many New Years resolutions you’ve kept, without employing a personal trainer or coach.

It’s no different when learning how to earn money working home, coffee shop or beach based.

The Everyman Test

I know this all too well because 3 years ago I was a complete beginner and I fell into all of these traps…more than once, I’m embarrassed to say.How to earn money online for a

It’s cost me thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours to get to the point where I’m confident I know exactly what I’m doing and that’s borne out in the fact that I’m now earning a consistent passive income.

It’s no exaggeration to say that I can count on the fingers of one finger, the number websites that pass the everyman test with flying colours. What’s the everyman test?

  • Is it a legit opportunity, not a scam or exaggeration?
  • Are there any expensive guru upsells hidden on the back end?
  • Is the information and training up-to-date and comprehensive?
  • Does it offer live support from both a community of peers and the site owners?

In other words for a site to pass the everyman test it must be able to show you how to earn money working home based in a smart, safe, scam free and supported way.

In the last 3 years, I’ve used untold numbers of sites and platforms and systems and I’ve tried everything I can think of to generate a passive income online including…

  1. Euromillions Binary Options Trading Platform
  2. Clickbank
  3. Creating my own products
  4. Guest Posting
  5. MLM/Network Marketing
  6. Paid Survey’s
  7. Swagbucks
  8. Online Payday System
  9. Evergreen Wealth Formula
  10. John Chow
  11. M.O.B.E.
  12. Six Figure Mentors
  13. Ryan Eliason’s S.E.E.N.
  14. Ryan Deiss’s Authority ROI
  15. 3xsellerator
  16. Digital Marketing Lab
  17. Perry Marshall
  18. ZNZ Free Offers 
  19. Warrior Forum

Over the coming months, I’ll be reviewing the above products and platforms in detail, which will hopefully save you both time and money as you learn from and avoid my mistakes.

Of all the products and platforms I’ve used over the years, there is literally only one that passes the everyman test and I would, therefore, feel 100% comfortable and confident recommending to you (which is a sad indictment on the unscrupulous nature of the “make money online” industry as a whole).

Check out my comprehensive Review of Wealthy Affiliate, which is by some distance my #1 Recommendation for…

Earn Money Working Home, Coffee Shop or Beach-based

By now I hope you’ve realised that absolutely anyone can make a living online and say goodbye daily grind. You don’t need tons of spare time, you don’t need a College Degree and you don’t need technical knowledge.

All you need is to avoid the scams that are out there trying to take your money and up to date information, tools and advice you can trust. I created Goodbye Daily Grind to help you avoid those scams and to provide you with the information, tools and advice you need to succeed.

So if you’ve been scammed or had a near miss, email me at chris@goodbyedailygrind.com with the details and I will do my best to write a review of that site to warn others of that particular booby trap.


Chris Paradox Inspiration Engineer