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Hi and welcome to Goodbye Daily Grind.

I’m the Founder Chris Paradox (that’s me in the middle there making an X shape on my horse Tatanka) and Goodbye Daily Grind is inspired my own epic-poetic journey from “9 to 5 daily grind rat race running wage slave”, to living a destiny tinged Ikigai life of meaning, impact and adventure.

I’ve feel deeply blessed to have received the priceless gift of a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life free from the daily grind wage slavery of the rat race and I feel it’s my sacred duty to share that gift with others, by helping them to live richer, more meaningful and fulfilling lives too.

Goodbye Daily Grind is the online platform I’ve created to share that gift with you.


Here’s my recent TED Talk where I tell my “epic-poetic” origin story 😉

 And here’s some of my old performance poetry


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