Is it really possible to make a living 
working only when you want to?




Well it depends…

 Are you Employed…or Self Employed?


 Do you work 30+ hours/week…or 60+ hours/week? 



Do you earn £15,000 p.a…or £50,000 p.a?



Does your work crush your soul…or is it meaningful and fulfilling?


Is your work life balance this bad?

Neo Type 7

Or this bad?


Or THIS bad?


The truth is…

 there’s no one-size-fits-all solution! 


So The Goodbye Daily Grind Quiz is designed to find out

if it’s possible for you

 in your specific situation. 


By answering a few key questions, you’ll discover… 


1. Your Goodbye Daily Grind Matrix Character Type
(i.e. which character from the film “The Matrix” best represents 
your specific situation in the real life Matrix of the daily grind


 2. Your Matrix Character Type’s Single Biggest Mistake
(i.e. A diagnosis of the actual problem that’s preventing you from being able to work 
only when you want to and still pay the bills


 3. Whether or not there is a Red Pill Solution to your problem
(i.e. whether you just have to put up with the daily grind lifestyle until you can (hopefully) eventually retire…
or if there is a realistic way for you to replace your salary with a passive income


Passive income is money you make while you sleep


  • Rent for a Landlord

  • Royalties for an Author

  • Dividends for a Shareholder

  • Commissions for an Affiliate


The Goodbye Daily Grind Matrix Quiz

is a unique opportunity to discover how you can finally say
Goodbye Daily Grind.

It takes less than 60 seconds

so go ahead

Take The Quiz!