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If you dream of upgrading your work-life balance, so you can work less and earn more,
but you can’t be arsed to read, study and practice The 4 Hour Work Week
…this website is for you!

Why not start by taking The Goodbye Daily Grind Quiz:

It’s way more fun than reading a 383 page self help book!

Chris Paradox
Inspiration Engineer
Vision Coach
Founder: The Ikigai Mastermind

47 thoughts on “How to Earn Money Working at Home

  1. A very entertaining article I like it, visit my site and you’ll find out that I don’t know what I’m doing he he, I’m hoping that I’ll learn a lot from you.

  2. Another well written arcticle and there are many people who are looking to quit the rat race and enjoy a better way or earning a living also have more time for family, the internet is a minefield of information and it is hard sometimes to sort out the genuine opportunities

  3. Loved the read. :)

    I can only recommend SiteRubix for hosting free websites. I've been using them since 1 year now. I started to go with a free website and later on merged it to the Premium service. This was a smooth operation within minutes and no loss of anything at all.

    Why SiteRubix? Because they specialize on WordPress webhosting and they monitor and manage every website closely. You should do a search for WordPress hosting. That can get pretty expensive, and when you then consider that you get two free websites with the Starter account…

    Anyway, I enjoyed your article and I'm looking forward to reading your next great post. :)

    All the best,

  4. Loved this article. Thing is, I already have a website (that I spent ages building!), a blog and a bit of a subscription list. I like the concept I have already. But I’d love to learn more about how to do this affiliate thing and more about your ideas to monetize things. I’m also intrigued by what you say about it being a bit unethical to create your own products and try to sell them online? If what you’re offering is a creative expression of yourself and you are sharing it to help people expand their potential/solve their problems…how is it any different than placing ads on your website for other companies? Just wondering 😉 I’ve been working on creating an e-course and a poster so far.

    1. Hi Morgan

      Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Good point about creating your own products not being unethical per se. It certainly isn’t.

      What I meant was that I don’t think it’s ethical to add a new physical product into the global production cycle (which is well on its way to using up our non renewable resources) unless it is made out of recyclable materials or with renewable energy sources. There are many products that fall into this category as well as all the information products and services which don’t require environment destroying manufacturing at slave labour rates somewhere in the developing world.

      You’re dead right that it is about offering a creative expression of yourself that helps people expand their potential and solve their problems…but if you can’t do this in a way, that doesn’t destroy the last of the rainforests, accelearte global warming, futher poision the air, land & sea or use up dwindling Oil and water supplies even faster…then however succesful you are your success will not be sustainable. That’s what I meant by the ethics of earning commissions over going into production.

      With regard to this affiliate/monetizing thing, the best place to learn that is among 200,000 people learning the same thing i.e. the make your own website club @ Wealthy Affiliates 😉


  5. Hey Doxy, sorry to've taken this long to reply here, been busy.

    I've read all the above.  I can only say I'm in almost the same position, but so not qualified as you in what you wrote.

    But this will surely attract those who really needs help, so bless you for making it possible to the helpless…..


  6. Read every article lovved them all and can't wait to read more…write faster please^^. Want to especially hear more about your "viceralization"…so write faster please lol. Very informative as welll as entertaining so will definitely be back for more especially since I can breathe easy knowing I don't have to be a dick.

    Thanks again…and please write faster


    1. Hi Mum, so nice of you to write 😉

      Actually Lotus I don’t even think my Mum could be that supportive! You’re a star thanks.

      I have a bit of technical back end stuff to take care of over the next couple of days, but rest assured…the next thing that I write will be typed so fast my fingertips will bleed and will be all about those viceralization exercises you’re gagging for 😉

      Bless your cotton socks

  7. Hi Chris,

    This is good work. Your review is well written and contains enough images to break up the text and hook he visitor.

    Let me know when you have a new post and I will make a more detailed comment on it.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Akoli

      Thank you very much for your great feedback. 

      I will definitely let you know when I next post something and look forward to reading your comments.

      All the best


  8. Doxy – very nicely written content! I love your style of writing – it is so different from most of what we find out here on the interwebz! This site will help many people get the clarification about those supposed "free" services! Thanks :) 

    1. Hi Anja

      Thank you so much for your feedback, you’re a star! 
      So happy you find GDG a departure from the usual interwebz fare…I do my best 😉

      Take good care


  9. Hi Doxy

    More than 70% of people hate their daytime job and to start an online business is really the best and cheapest thing to do. I can promise you that you do not need capital or a loan to start.

    It is not easy, but you should give yourself the opportunity to become good at it. Once you get the ropes, it becomes so much easier.

  10. I like your approach to setting up a website, you make it easy (and fun) going about it, thanks so much for this, will be heading over shortly to get setup.


  11. I must say this was quick informative and comical at the same time. A very different approach from what I am used to seeing. I too am hoping to capitalize on the digital real estate with the hopes of not becoming a dick in the mean time. :) 

    1. Haha not being a dick has been a lifetime struggle for me Suzette and if I can manage then anyone can! 😉

      Glad you like the site and find it different, I always enjoy sites that reflect the site owners personality so that was my intention.

      thanks for the feedback and best of luck with your non dick-like digital real estate dealings 😉 

    1. Hi Sarah

      I’m sure you’re not alone in wishing that!

      Thing is though, nothing worthwhile in life comes easily. The problem I see is that for many, if not most people escaping the 9 to 5 seems impossible.

      The biggest problem is not that people try and find it too hard, it’s that people never try at all because they don’t believe they can achieve it.

      When you hear the stories of people who have escaped the 9-5 grind, they will all tell you that it wasn’t easy. What allowed them to achieve it is that they had a vision, they believe in themselves and that they deserved to live life on their own terms and so they were determined not to give up.

      In my experience the only difference between people who achieve their dreams and those who don’t, is that those who achieve them keep going until they do.

      The people who make a living doing what they love are the people who insist on doing so…whether it’s easy or not.

      That’s why I use the “Don’t Give Up Your Day Dream” Image 😉

  12. Hi Doxy:

    I've definitely commented on this site before; who can forget the unicorn right on top?

    I like two of your quotes:

    1. "I know I didn't come to this Earth to pay bills and die": Unfortunately I don't think a lot of people realize this. No one tells them they can do anything else. Children look at what their parents and grandparents have done before them. In my family, work and having a job was one of the main purposes in life. Most of my relatives kept one job at one place all their lives and couldn't wait to retire.

    2. Seth Godin's quote about setting up a life you don't have to escape from: unfortunately, idealistic at best. Most aware people do work on making their life better so that vacations don't seem like such an escape from reality. Still, I think most people use vacations to get away from their town, their jobs, and anything else that bothers them. These are the types of people who hate Mondays and always greet you with "Happy Friday". I've seen this too many times to count.


  13. I've read more "make money doing your dream" articles than I can count, and I must admit, when I came to your page I thought, "here's another one".

    But your style of writing and making your reader laugh and really bring them in to what you're writing is great! I was more than happy to read this article.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Roshan

      To me that is the highest compliment. I too have read waaaaay to make articles on this subject, to the point where they I fall asleep after the first paragraph!

      So my main goal here was to be interesting and engaging, so that people were happy to read to the end and get all the important information.

      Your feedback makes me very happy thanks 😉

  14. I guess I'm left with a question. In the end who owns the domain? Sure free is good but I don't want to put a lot of hard work into something that could be taken away from me.

    1. Hi James, if that’s your only question that’s great, because there’s really no question about it, you have nothing to worry about.

      For someone starting out that is not ready to buy there own domain, having two free ones via Siterubix is a great opportunity.
      Given the fact WA have been around since 2005 and are the biggest and most successfull online business platform on the internet, the chances of the Siterubix sites being taken away is close to zero.

      But even if they are, you still have the option of transferring your sites to your own domain at anytime you wish free of charge.

      So there is no risk whatsoever of your “hard work” being taken away from you.

      Good huh?

    1. Wow! Thanks Lorna

      That’s amazing feedback!

      You’ve made my cheeks blush and my head swell…I guess I’d better go and do something knucklehead now to keep my ego in check 😉

      Lots of love x

    1. Hi Jill, wow you've got me blushing.

      That's high praise indeed thank you.

      And yes it is a nice job, not having a 9 to 5 job and helping people to not have one too 😉

  15.   I'm happily surprised I've come to your site. Love your way to explain everything about how one can quit 9-5 job by building a website. Very informative. Thank you.

  16. Great website funny and interesting. You area great writer and I appreciate very much the message you delievery in such a unique way. Great information and of course you are absolutely right about WA being a different (honest) place to get an online education.:) 

    1. Hi Peter, wow thanks a lot.

      Really glad you like the site.

      It's always a scary writing uncensored from the voice in my head, because you always worry that when people find out how weird you are, they won't like the site. Thankfully my fear of not being true to myself is greater than the fear of people not liking my truth, so I always go ahead and do it anyway 😉

      But it helps massively when people give such encouraging feedback.

      So thanks again Peter, really appreciate it.

  17. Great job on the site Chris, I love the humor also!

    Before I joined the "make your own website club" I didn't believe it was possible to create a website in 30 seconds, five weeks later my website is up and running and have a trickle of traffic. I am truly amazed by how far technogy and human ingenuity have come. I feel truly blessed to be learning the correct way to build a website, add content and make a living online.

    1. Hi Marlon, thanks. Glad the site made you smile.

      You're so right! The make your ownwebsite club, really is a blessing of awesome technology, expert knowledge and an incredibly friendly and human community support. There is really nothing else like it anywhere on the web.

      Here's to your trickle of traffic turning to a torrent by tuesday 😉

  18. Love what you did with the site, your sense of humor will really attract your readers to want to come back for more. Awesome job!

    1. Hi Jazmin, thanks you! I'm so glad you like the site.

      One of my dreams is that people secretly read the site while they're at work and share it with other disgruntled colleagues, so they can all have a good giggle while at the same time plotting their escape to a life lived on their own terms…with their douchebag boss none the wiser….Mwahaaha!

      I realise that's quite a weird and detailed dream…but I'm quite a weird and detailed person, so thats OK then 😉

  19. Great post and information. I love the personality that you put into you writing. I'm glad that I escaped the 9 to 5.

    1. Thanks Mike.

      Good on ya for making The Great Escape!

      I escaped 14 years ago and am always struck by the fact that during my 16 years in the 9 to 5 rat race, I don't think I met one single person who wasn't also running that unwinnable race.

      "The problem with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat" – Lily Tomlin😉

      But since 2001 I've met hundreds if not thousands of fellow escapees., which reallys shows that a whole new world of possibility is out there to enjoy when you commit to your escape.

  20. Very nice job you did with this article, good job with how you explain things, and very funny too! This is like a make money from home website mixed with a comedian performance. I loved it!!

    1. Hi Joey,

      Wow thanks a lot for the great feedback!

      I'm really glad to hear that you found it funny, because I find that people are much more receptive to new information and new ideas when they're having fun.

      And if they're anything like me, they're also more likely to want to share something that's informative and funny with their friends, than something that's just informative.

      Anyway, enough of my soap boxing, thanks again for the feedback

      All the best 😉

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